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The Sierra Chamber Society  announces the renewal of the 2020-21 season!




Dear Friends...
II hope this email finds you well and happy.

We are all hopeful that we can be together next season, but, as the Covid situation continues to evolve, I’m sure you can understand that we must explore several additional options to live performance next year.  If we are unable to present our customary season of live performances, we can bring our music directly into your home.

I’m sure we can agree that, in the last year, there have been substantial improvements in audiovisual technology.  On-line sound and image quality are now quite good.  In addition, we have all become more and more accustomed to this alternative.  All of you, I’m sure, know of the newly announced SF Symphony Plus and, perhaps, the SF Jazz Center’s subscription series.  These are only two of the most prominent examples.  There are countless others.

 However, such well-produced on-line productions are no walk in the park.  Not just performance but rehearsal spaces need to be reserved and set up to cross-communicate.  There is a significant cost associated with these options, including the enlistment of rental spaces and expert audiovisual engineering.

 I ask that you give this some thought.  I will always be happy to answer whatever questions I can, and to receive your suggestions.

 Although it may be slightly behind the times, I encourage you to follow our website at for updates.

We miss you all.


With warmest regards.


Stevan Cavalier, MD
Director, Sierra Chamber Society

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